In 2020 we’re all about self-love, self-care, and self-ies! With the new #TiberYourSelfie installations up and running at our freshly renovated Coteries, we took a long hard look into our front-facing cameras and said…”Girl. It’s time for a face serum.”

The world of serums can be seriously confusing.  A good starting point is to choose your desired texture; generally, you would decide between an oil-based serum or a water-based serum.  At Tiber River everything we do is done with purpose. We designed WOW Serum as a fragrance-free, water-based product with the intended purpose that ANY skin type would be able to use it; It’s great for oily skin because it does not contain heavy oils that tend to feel like a layer on top of your skin.  It’s also great for dry skin because it layers beautifully under a moisturizer, allowing you to customize your hydration needs, PLUS it’s suitable for both your day & nighttime routines.  Water molecules are also smaller than oil molecules so water is an excellent vehicle for all the ingredients we lovingly pack into each bottle of WOW Serum.  The water base helps these ingredients absorb deeply into the skin rather than sitting on top of the skin within the oil.

Another good fact-check when selecting a serum for yourself is the ingredients. As in all of our products, each ingredient in WOW Serum serves the intended purpose of the product, which is to fight the War on Wrinkles! Some of the key ingredients are:

Niacinamide (Vitamin B3): This ingredient is endorsed by Dr. Oz as a potent anti-ager because it helps the skin retain moisture by increasing ceramide and free fatty acid levels in the skin; ceramide and free fatty acids create the skin’s oil barrier and protect skin from losing moisture against the elements.

Vitamin C: This ingredient is known for its ability to synthesize collagen.  Our skin is 75% collagen; its role in the skin is to support and strengthen cells, giving skin its bouncy youthful appearance.  As we age, collagen synthesis naturally decreases, so added Vitamin C gives it the extra boost it needs!

Sodium PCA (sodium L-pyroglutamate): We know, we know…ingredients with long science-y names usually raise red flags. This ingredient, however, is naturally occurring and is derived from plants, fruits, and coconut oil.  It is already found in our skin, but of course, as we age the levels in our skin naturally drop.  Its role, as a humectant, is to retain moisture in our skin cells for that plump, hydrated appearance.

Of course, behind every successful person is a tribe of successful supporters, so we’ve curated some our favourite products to pair with WOW Serum:

WOWder Powder facial mask

30g | $25

Mangosteen, Mushrooms, and Melons OH MY! This powder is WOW Serum’s partner in crime; antioxidant and filled with Vitamin A and C to plump fine lines and wrinkles. The best part? It comes in powder form so the sky is the limit on ways to mix and apply it! Use honey for extra moisture, yogurt for probiotics, or simply water to soak up all the Wowder goodness!

Rebel With A Cause facial pre-cleanser

160ml | $30

Attention, Attention! Put DOWN the makeup wipes! This pre cleanser is great for aging skin.  It breaks down makeup,  oil, and dirt on skin’s surface while providing a gorgeous thick texture so you aren’t tugging and pulling your delicate epidermis while removing that daily grime.

Dew Drops Hydrating Mist

120ml | $25

This super luxurious toner makes a fantastic pick-me-up on the go throughout the day, at your desk, after the gym, and on a long flight! Simply spritz it directly on to your face for instant brightness and dewiness, plus tons of moisturizing ingredients to keep your skin’s hydration levels up without smudging your makeup!