Made For Happiness

We believe that all decisions about our business can be made with one goal in mind; to create happiness. To us, happiness entails carefully choosing ingredients that are good for you and our beautiful planet, curating products and sizes that make sense, thoughtfully distributing through channels that empower entrepreneurs, writing witty product descriptions to make you smile and topping it off with bright and colourful merchandising. Feeling happy yet?

Happiness In Every Community

Our team of Ambassadors are passionate, purpose-driven entrepreneurs who share our deep need to create happiness. This extraordinary opportunity helps us share our purpose far and wide, and spreads the word about buying better products for people and the planet. This opportunity connects and inspires entrepreneurial & earth-conscious humans.

We Delight in Delighting

COTERIE [kō-t ə-rē] A friendly, vibrant, and supportive gathering place for like-minded people with a unifying common interest and purpose: to create happiness. Our Coteries are brick and mortar hubs for happiness, where you can smell, test, and learn about Tiber’s hand made products, or grab a glass of rosé and treat yourself to a professional Tiber service.