NEWS FLASH: Your regular cleanser isn’t doing its full job!

Tests have shown that water-based cleansers need some serious help!  They tend to commit one of two evils:

1 – They are not strong enough to cleanse thoroughly and leave behind dirt on your skin, creating a prime canvas for fine lines, wrinkles, and tired-looking skin!

2 – They are powerful enough to remove all traces of dirt but actually strip the natural oil from your skin, essentially drying out your skin and depleting it of oil. As a result, your skin over-compensates by creating more oil.

Myth: If I have oily skin, using an oil on my face will make my skin more oily.

The fact is; often, oily skin is a result of dry skin! Confused? We are frequently inclined to deprive our skin of topical oils, serums, and moisturizers because we know that our skin gets oily through the day and that a serum would only add to that.  Really, your skin producing oil is a natural reaction/defence mechanism that your body conducts as a reaction to dryness!  The answer? Give your skin what it’s asking for…

This is where our Rebel With A Cause pre-cleanser comes into play!

We like to think of this product as an act of rebellion against typical skincare treatments and myths, a skin cleaning process that goes against the status quo for oily skin, and any skin! Rebel With A Cause is made with pure, nutrient-rich oils such as sunflower, apricot, jojoba, and olive, (to name just a few). The oils in this skin-loving pre-cleanser trap the superficial dirt and makeup on your face, and whisk it all away! Follow up with your usual water-based cleanser and you’ll be amazed at the difference you see; Rebel provides oily nourishment for your skin so it doesn’t get dry and tight if your cleanser is a bit too strong; and also allows your not-quite-strong-enough cleanser to go straight to work on what it’s made to do without the burden of removing makeup and superficial dirt.  Over time you will notice more balance in your skin’s oiliness/dryness as it gets used to the extra moisture it is receiving with each cleanse!

Do you ever get those “panda-eyes” even after you’ve scrubbed and cleansed your face? Not cute! Because our pre-cleanser is oil-based, it also doubles as a fantastic makeup remover, leaving no traces of the day on your face after cleansing. We recommend using this product at night to remove makeup and the dirt of the day. However, it also works well in the morning if you’ve neglected to wash your face the night before!

You will be hooked on this pre-cleanser after just one use. We promise your skin will not look oily, just wonderfully radiant and smooth! Rebel With a Cause is actually fantastic for people who have oily, congested skin because the oils effectively remove impurities, allowing for a deep clean – but it is a product that is suitable for any skin persona. When combined with water, the formula becomes a creamy-emulsion which makes it very soothing for people with dry or sensitive skin.

It’s simple, really!:

  1. Pre-cleanse using Rebel With A Cause + rinse off with water
  2. Cleanse using your fave Tiber Cleanser (we love Olive Me…check our our blog post here!)
  3. Admire your oh-so fresh and clean skin! (Seriously! Don’t be shy! Send us a selfie using #TiberRiverNaturals !!)

Go ahead, break the rules with Rebel With a Cause.


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