May long weekend is finally here which means it’s time to head to the lake and open up the cottages after a long, cold winter! We’re packing up our bags for the weekend and want to give you a peek at some of the Tiber essentials we’re bringing with us.

Stock up the cabin:

  • Summertime Spray
    • This is a must-have since we anticipate we’ll be spending ALL of our time outdoors. A couple of spritzes all over will help us take on whatever comes (or flies) our way, whether we’re sitting by the bonfire, going for a hike, or throwing a ball around with the family. Re-apply as often as you like; this all-natural spray contains no harmful chemicals and can be used on anyone ages 6 months and up! (Also safe for animals, even Rover can use this one!)
  • Maid in a Bottle
    • One bottle for all of our cabin-cleaning needs! This powerful cleaning spray is loaded with essential oils that can be used on most surfaces in the kitchen, bathroom, and anywhere else that needs a bit of dusting and polishing. Perfect for everything from big spills to leaving a streak-free shine on your mirrors!  The fresh lemongrass will help deodorize your nook from a long stuffy winter!
  • Full Minty All Over Shake
    • We love all-in-one products. Seriously, it makes life on the go so much easier.  This hair and body shake is exactly as it sounds, use it on your body, your hair, from head to toe.  It is incredibly invigorating and the peppermint/spearmint infusion is so refreshing. Bonus: it is lake-friendly so when it gets warmer out we’ll definitely be using it dockside!

For TLC:

  • Mind Mender Roll-On
    • Depending on what we get up to this weekend, this essential oil blend will be a saviour especially for when the morning rolls around.  The lavender, rosemary, and peppermint oils help to refresh your mind.
  • Eyes Scream for Rice Cream
    • We LOVE using this ricebran eye cream for our entire face because it keeps our complexion looking so glowy. The rosehip oils and rosewater in here are so moisturizing and nourishing for the skin, and total bonus: it saves us from having to pack along another moisturizer! Compact and perfect for the overnight bag.
  • Footloose + Fancy Free Foot Soak
    • We’ll ACTUALLY have some free time this weekend which makes the perfect opportunity for a relaxing foot soak. Especially since we’ll live in sandals for the next few months. We might even sit out on the dock to do it! It’s so simple – fill a bowl or tub with hot water, mix in some of this magic powder, and let your feet soak.