We have been asked to create a Tiber River pet line for years, and we are so excited to share the launch of these highly anticipated products! After much time and care invested in research and development, we’ve perfected formulas for our first three pet products. These can be used by most pets (and their owners)!  Our pet products are gentle, soothing, and effective – made with the same high-quality, naturally-derived ingredients we use in our products for humans.  Take a look at what we’ve come up with!

Vanity Fur Oatmeal Shampoo

When we created this shampoo, we wanted to make sure that even pets with the most sensitive skin could use it, and that it would also provide the most rambunctious troublemakers a good clean coat! This soothing shampoo gently cleans without irritating your pet’s skin. It is made with oatmeal & aloe juice which have soothing and moisturizing effects, and frankincense & tangerine essential oils which are antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. Just hop in the tub, dampen the fur, lather and rinse like a normal shampoo!  Vanity Fur lathers well and rinses off easily, keeping the fur shiny and moisturized. Our pets love this and it’s so good, you can even use it on your own mane!

Fur Your Eyes Only Eye Wash
Regular care is important to help keep your beloved pet’s delicate eye area clean and free from irritation and tear stains. We used aloe juice to gently cleanse, witch hazel to brighten, and honey to moisturize to make this gentle cleansing eye wash, the perfect formula for bright and beautiful eyes. To use, simply wet a cloth or cotton pad with the wash and gently rub around your dog or cat’s eyes to remove buildup and stains. No need to rinse; which means more time for cuddles!

Feel My Paws Paw Balm
Your pet is on their hands and feet all day every day! They are exposed to a lot of wear and tear from the elements – that’s why we made this solid paw balm to help moisturize and protect their paw pads.  It is made with nourishing ingredients like beeswax, and oils such as canola, coconut, and avocado, and also contains shea butter to help soothe cracked or dry paws. For best results, ensure paw pads are clean and dry before applying.  Massage the balm onto your pet’s paws, making sure to cover all the dry edges.  You can also work this in to your furry friend’s nails to keep them from getting crumbly and dry – it makes nail trims a breeze!  A paw-dicure in a jar!

“Pets are humanizing. They remind us we have an obligation and responsibility to preserve, and nurture, and care for all life.” – James Cromwell

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