How do you define your skin? Here at Tiber River Naturals, we believe that skin is unique to each individual and encompasses so much more than being categorized as “normal”, “dry”, “oily”, or “combination” as it has traditionally been done. What do those words even really mean for your skin? Just like you, your skin tells a story. Your skin is uniquely you, and your skin has so much personality!  It has experience, it has likely been through some great times, seen some rough times, it might be more sensitive than most, or it might be able to take on whatever comes your way. These are just some of the things we have taken into consideration when creating our line of skin care products, to ensure that there is something that works for everyone. We are exposed to ever-changing environments that cause our skin to react in different ways – our skin is always evolving.  Stop thinking of your skin type in simple terms and define your skin persona the Tiber way using our guide below to find the products that best suit you!

Reasonable (R): The “Go With the Flow” kind of personality. Those of you with this skin type, rejoice! It seems to understand your occasional desire to overindulge in the bad stuff, under-indulge in the good stuff and doesn’t get too upset if you neglect it a little. All in all, it’s fairly easy to keep happy and looking nice.

For this skin type, we recommend “Olive Me” products, which regulate sebum levels, provide fatty acids and promote skin health, suppleness & elasticity. For more information about the benefits of olives for your skin, read our For the Love of Olives post.

Moody (M): Skins with this persona are essentially the creature of habit – they tend to get a little nasty when things abruptly change and fall out of routine.  Their skin gets rather irritated with hormone levels change in their body. Unfortunately, the moody ones aren’t not shy about showing displeasure.

For this skin type, we recommend “In Your Face” or “Bye Bye Blemish” products, which help control breakouts, ease redness and diminish severity and length of breakout.

Experienced (E): This skin type doesn’t overreact to things but it shows its experience by being tired, dull and lifeless.

For this skin type, we recommend Grab Life by the Pomegranates, Saving Face Moisturizer, and Barley a Wrinkle products, which help stop free-radical damage, reduce the appearance of fine lines, and help skin appear younger and feel rejuvenated.  Read our King of Fruit post for more about pomegranates and skin health.

Processed (P): This skin type has seen it all! It’s been frozen in air-conditioned buildings, baked in the sun, dehydrated in decompressed airplanes, whipped by the wind and generally beaten up by our urban lifestyle. It’s screaming for moisture and some extra TLC.

For this skin type, we recommend Olive Me, Green Tea Tonic and Saving Face products, which improve texture, increase moisture and reinforce the skin’s ability to function normally.

All Skin Types: Eyes Scream for Rice Cream and Green Tea Tonic give you a delicate combination of rejuvenating oil and a dose of antioxidants, which help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and reverse the effect of the sun on your skin.