Green tea boasts a number of fantastic health benefits when consumed but did you know that applied topically, it can also help to combat skin issues at the source? We’ve always been told that proper nutrition and a healthy diet is necessary to nourish or skin from the inside out, but we know that there are measures we can take to look after and protect our skin from the outside.

Our Green Tea Tonic is THE product that launched Tiber River.  It was made specifically for our wonderful production manager who had the tendency to enjoy the sun a little bit too much!  Green tea has been shown to reverse the effect of sun damage and improve complexion.  It is a fantastic source of antioxidants which helps to reduce cell damage from free-radicals, promoting growth of healthy skin cells, and actually helps to prevent aging. The antioxidants are also beneficial in calming inflammation and discolouration, improving skin tone and texture.

We found that green tea also makes for a great anti-bacterial and the tonic spray has also helped to improve skin that is prone to mild acne. Our customers have used the Green Tea Tonic for treating a number of different skin conditions: after-sun skin care, mild eczema, mild acne, relieving itch from bug bites and irritation, and for general skin care. This product is great to use for providing instant hydration to your skin throughout the day and to refresh and cleanse when you feel like you need it!

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