Did you hear? Olives are good for you both inside and out! They are a great natural source of nourishment for your skin and give it the nutrients you need to stay healthy, radiant, and moisturized. We’ve used every part of the olive plant from its bark to its fruit, to create our Olive Me skin care line, giving you simple products that are suitable for all skin types! The nutrients and healthy oils have been found to remedy dry skin, balance out oily skin, treat psoriasis, rosacea, eczema, and discolouration, among other skin irritations and conditions.

Start off your skin care routine with the Olive Me Cleanser Olives have antibacterial properties which cleanses the bacteria from your skin.  The Olive Me Cleanser is also infused with Irish moss and wasabi that adds additional disinfecting and cleansing agents, to help take clean to a whole new level. Olives are loaded with antioxidant Vitamin E and Vitamin A which help speed up your skin’s healing process by promoting the growth of healthy skin cells and repairing damaged cells. Your skin will feel so fresh and clean and rejuvenated!

Use the Olive Me Toner after cleansing to refresh your skin.  The toner will help to remove any remaining traces of oil and dirt to ensure that your skin and pores are really squeaky clean so that you’re left with a radiant and healthy glow. Olives contain nutrients that protect skin cells from the harmful effects of free-radicals your skin is exposed to. Used in a toner, the olive components add an extra layer of protection and helps to close your pores to prevent contaminants from penetrating your skin, thus producing impurities.

Finish off with the Olive Me Moisturizer. The oils in olives help to nourish and hydrate your skin by pulling in moisture and nutrients to your under layer of skin.  Bonus: The antioxidant Polyphenol found in olives helps provide protection from UV rays, while Phytosterols keep wrinkles at bay by producing collagen cells which helps to maintain your skin’s elasticity and firmness.

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