We cannot espresso how much we LOVE coffee – so much that we not only drink it but also slather it on our skin!


Our brand new Espresso Yourself body scrub and bar soap are not your average joe! Made with real ground coffee beans, and coffee butter, these caffeinated skincare products have a whole host of benefits for your skin. Here are our top 5 reasons for using coffee in our skincare products!

  1. Coffee packs a powerful antioxidant punch to help your skin fight free-radicals. Free-radicals damage your skin and cause wrinkling, fine lines, and loss of firmness.
  2. Know how coffee perks you up when you’re tired? It will do the same for your skin! Coffee  when applied topically will reduce redness, giving you a less puffy and more even skin tone.
  3. You’ve probably heard that coffee is a diuretic meaning that it increases dehydration – who else has to go to the bathroom a million times when they drink coffee? I sure do! Using caffeine on your skin has the same effect and can actually dehydrate your fatty cells!  When water is drawn out from your fat cells it helps minimize the appearance of dimples on the skin.
  4. Ground coffee beans make for a great natural and gentle exfoliant! It will help remove dead skin from the skin’s surface without being harsh or overly abrasive to reveal beautiful, smooth skin.
  5. Coffee has stimulating properties that help to brighten your skin and make it appear more glowy and radiant.

One of our very own Tiber at Home consultants used the Espresso Yourself Scrub for only 3 days with incredible results. Read her testimonial:

“Hey there!

I wanted to show you guys these amazing results. I have tried EVERYTHING for my saggy skin on my stomach. I had two babes 18 months apart and my tummy took a bit of a beating.

Anyways. I attached a picture I thought you’d find so amazing!

Espresso Yourself (massaged in for 2-3 mins) plus our body butter immediately after.”


Amazing right? Now that’s creating happiness naturally. Try it and let us know how much you love it!


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