All-Natural Essential Oils

Essential oils are the means through which we are able to use aromatherapy (natural scents) to promote health and well-being. They are plant essences that are collected from plants, herbs, flowers, trees, and fruits. We use them in many of our products to aid with ailments,easing aches and pains, reducing acne, providing anti-aging benefits, among many other things. In addition to these uses, essential oils can be used to disinfect, clean, reduce stress, relieve depression, and a host of other wonderful things. Our Essential Oils are therapeutic grade, and they are perfect to burn or use in a diffuser for coughs, colds or chest congestion, or practicing yoga, mediation, or simply searching for a spiritual connection. Still need a little more to relax and rejuvenate? Use it in a sauna (or make your shower into a sauna by putting your foot over the drain and adding a few drops to the water). The vapours enter your body through inhalation and expel toxins through perspiration.

Our Essential Oils
  • Strong antibacterial

  • Chilling and relaxing

    Don’t Worry Be Happy
  • Cleansing and healing properties

  • Great for colds and helps with insect bites, cuts, and skin ailments

  • Natural antibiotic, antiseptic, anti- depressant, sedative, detoxifier

  • More of Our Essential Oils
  • Treating colds and fevers

  • Relieves lethargy, helps with focus, depression, and anxiety

  • Helps with mental fatigue and depression, refreshing the spirit, stimulating mental agility, and improving concentration

  • Wakes up the body and spirit

  • Delightfully bright and cheerful anti-depressant, great for cleaning and disinfecting

    Sweet Orange