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When life catches up with us, we all need a space to dream and unwind. Did you know that bathing has been shown to improve cardiovascular health in men and women, reduce stress, improve sleep, and boost immunity? Few things bring happiness like indulging in a glorious soak in the tub. So go ahead click below to pick your bathing pleasure.

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All-Natural Handmade Soaps

A product as neat as it’s history. Adriana, our founder, was taught how to make soap by her grandma, who had made soap since she was a little girl in Italy. Eager to update her soap-making techniques, Adriana set out to recreate her grandma’s soap and put her own twist on things.

Instead of animal fat (how it was done in Italy, in the old days), the base of our soaps is Canola oil and it is what makes our wonderful soaps so much silkier than most others. We also use Olive Oil, Coconut Oil and Sunflower Oil. What we do not use, however, is Palm oil. We made a conscious decision years ago to remove any palm oil derived ingredient from our products because of the environmental damage the harvesting of Palm trees is causing our planet.

Our soaps are entirely made by hand and do not contain any type of soap base. We do not melt someone else’s soap and add things to it. Our soap starts out as oils, sodium hydroxide, and water, and are transformed by us into miniature works of art – and we say that because our soaps really are different. Anyone who has used them will attest to how moisturizing, silky, and long lasting they are.