Become A Tiber River Consultant

When an opportunity as good as this comes along it’s hard not to explore it further. Ever felt like you want to make a difference in your life or in other people’s lives? Ever felt ‘things are great! But they can be better’? Because we felt this way as well, we decided to create a community that joins efforts to educate the world about how natural bath, body, and home products contribute to a fun and healthy lifestyle while reducing harmful effects on the environment.

Join us, to thrive in a party planning, direct sales model that gives you the opportunity to earn additional income while being part of a community that continuously develops products that are 100% made from naturally derived ingredients. Our products were custom made to satisfy the needs of our customers. Meaning, every product that was made by us, was originally made as per a request of our pioneering customers. Whatever they had a need for, we researched, formulated, and came up an all-natural solution. We will continue to operate this way for many years to come.

Becoming a Tiber River Sales Consultant comes with some great business opportunities, and a robust compensation plan. Because the product is so good, and consumable, you will constantly generate revenue and grow your business, without holding inventory. Tiber River is just starting out, we have a whole wide world out there waiting to be introduced to Tiber River Naturals product. We know it because it will change their lives, like it changed ours.

Why you'll be a successful consultant?

As soon as you make your very first sale, you’ll start earning a 30 per cent commission. There aren’t any sales quotas and your earning potential dramatically increases when you build your own team.  By sharing the Tiber River Naturals business opportunity with others, you can qualify to make commission on their sales as well.

Your Starter Kit and catalog is all you need to grow your business. But we have so much more for you! Company paid hostess benefits, to encourage others to host parties without any expenses to you. We take care of R&D to make sure our products continue to create excitement and happiness in your and your customer’s lives. You will be educated on all the necessary product knowledge. Free of charge business management system, marketing and sales training as well your own website that generates revenue while you sleep, are all available to you and your growing business.

Whether you want to earn some extra money or build a rewarding career, your level of commitment is up to you and your earning potential is unlimited.

Tiber River Happiness


Hi! My name is Tiffany!
I joined Tiber River Naturals in May 2015. I’m a wife and stay at home mom to two beautiful children! After having my daughter, I realized I didn’t want to go back to my full time job. I wanted a better lifestyle for my family, something that wasn’t so busy. I wanted to be able to put my kids in things they wanted to be in, like preschool and other activities. I wanted to watch them grow and not miss all of the important moments. My mom had forwarded me an email she received from Tiber River Naturals, advertising they were hiring for their Tiber at home branch. What started off as a “job” turned into something I was deeply passionate about. I quickly realized how much awful ingredients were in my family’s everyday products. Joining Tiber River changed what products I brought into my home as well as my family’s lifestyle. We started eating better as well as exercising. When we think about our core values and what it means to create happiness naturally I always think about seeing the amount of love, heart and passion that is poured into not only the products but also the business and it is absolutely breathe-taking. Through my journey with Tiber River I found the love for empowering women. I want women to feel good about themselves and I want them to reach their goals. Even though this started out as a means for me to financially contribute to my family’s network, it now helps me bond and connect with other women and help them reach their dreams.

Everyone always asks me what my favourite product is. I would never be able to choose one as I use so many in my everyday life. I definitely couldn’t live without the Sugar Body Scrubs, from the exfoliation to how moisturized my skin feels, it’s absolutely wonderful. I also love the You Can’t Crack Me Up as I am addicted to chap stick. I have all the flavours scattered in different rooms in my house. I love the Shower Shakes because I can use it for my body as well as my hair, it makes such a great shampoo! I recommend it to everyone who has it. I love all of the home products; Maid in a Bottle, Fruit and Veggie Wash and Power Play, I use these products all day, every day. They make cleaning easy, safe and everything smells wonderful and fresh afterwards.

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